Crochet symbols font terms of service

This is the terms of use for crochet font
Please be careful not to be confused because the terms of use of the pattern are different.

Terms of Service

Regardless of whether you are an individual or a corporation, you can use it on any medium such as the Internet, video, publishing, and printing.
Font data modification & redistribution & sale is NG
Redistribution and sale of font data as your production is NG
Direct link is NG
Please give credit when using fonts
Example: “Crochet Symbol Font by mochikov YouTube Channel”

We are not responsible for any problems that may occur when using the data on this site.
I can’t accept technical questions, so please try my best. There are a lot of sites that teach me carefully when I search.
Terms of use are subject to change. Please check regularly.
* In the future, the font may be corrected and redistributed.
At that time, the data created by the illustrator and other software must be outlined because the layout will be destroyed when a new font is installed.
Data created over many hours can be difficult ← Experience (´ ; ω ; `) ウ ゥ ゥ
* When installing a new font, restart the PC once after uninstalling the old font.
Then, if you install a new font, I think that the bug that is not updated to the new font will be solved
I would be happy if you could cooperate

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It does n’t matter if you have a report about the use, or if you have time, you can comment on YouTube & SNS.
I am working in the gap time, so it is difficult to reply to comments I am very sorry m (_ _) m I think that I can not reply often, I am happy if you can support
Thank you for your support I like PC work and it will be helpful if you can support various production & management on PC

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If you would like to support me in the unreasonable range, thank you

Last word
I think that there are many points that cannot be reached because I work and operate by myself, but I hope that I can continue to be thin and long.

Thank you m (_ _) m

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