Terms of use

This is the terms of use for the pattern
The crochet symbol font terms and conditions are different, so be careful not to be confused

Terms of Service

Pattern sales & redistribution is NG
Sales and redistribution of patterns as you made & information dissemination on SNS etc. is NG
Direct link is NG
The pattern may be rewritten if something goes wrong
Distribution to friends and familiar people is OK
Individual sales using patterns are OK
If you want to sell with reference to the video
Mochikov mochikov You can advertise your youtube channel and this site
We will leave the advertising methods such as sns and storefront.
(I used Mochikov youtube as a reference-see Mochikov youtube)
I would be happy if you can make a durable work that can be used for a long time.
Thank you very much

Please contact us if there are many sales such as companies
Terms of use are subject to change. Please check regularly.
I would be happy if you could cooperate
Mochikov mochikov ’s YouTube & SNS
It does n’t matter if you have a report about the use, or if you have time, you can comment on YouTube & SNS.
I am working in the gap time, so it is difficult to reply to comments I am very sorry m (_ _) m I think that I can not reply often, I am happy if you can support
Thank you for your support I like PC work and it will be helpful if you can support various production & management on PC

Click here for support page

If you would like to support me in the unreasonable range, thank you

Last word
I think that there are many points that cannot be reached because I work and operate by myself, but I hope that I can continue to be thin and long.

Thank you m (_ _) m

Thank you for reading to the end m (_ _) m